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1999 New York City Tour
For information on the tour CD-ROM Click here.

New York City
 The Internationally famous Texas Girls' Choir toured New York City from
April 22-25, 1999
58 girls and 12 adults went on the trip.
1999 New York City Tour
Lauren Cortez, Laura Ford, Kezi Cedenhead, Mallory Fontenot, Amy Humphreys, Analynn Crowe, Brittany Trobaugh
Samantha McGaughy, Sasha Maksimik, Aimee' Al-Ameer, Lori Kreger, Taryn Bishop, Sarah Rogers,  Meri Kelly
Regan Rucker, Chantal Carey, Megan Starkey, Sara Pitts, Janna Shaw, Audrey Sharratt, Sarah Brown, Sarah Miller
Ashly Spencer,  Emily Rainone, Rachel Tyler,  Mandy Kelly, Jessica Elizondo, Mandy Smith, Patti Ford, Ashley Arriaga
Sarah Loyd, Katie Cadenhead, Alison Bailey, Heather Stocker,  Jenae' Case, Christa Bowie,  Stephanie Garmer,
Elizabeth Hendricks, Elizabeth Wade, Rachel Guthrie, Stephanie Snook,  Alice Priddy,  Marissa Reyes,  Amanda Beasley
Andrea Pickard,  Hannah Covington,  Sara Lee,  Lindsay Power,  Sarah McJunkin,  Sandy Lorance,  Elonka Caldwell
Elly Willhite, Stephanie West, Jennifer Holland,  Carla Baker,  Diana Rogers, Regan Albright, and Sara Walker

The 1999 New York City Tour can be seen in its entirety
on a CD-ROM available for only $20!
Go on the tour with the girls' in their own words
and listen to 12 songs that the choir sang on tour.
There is also a "screen-saver" which uses all of the pictures from the tour.
You can also print any picture you choose from the CD.

To purchase a CD-ROM - call (817) 732-8161
or e-mail us at TGC@texasgirlschoir.org

Thanks to all the adults who made the trip!

Shirley Carter - Director 

Debi Weir - Staff and Tour Director 

Layne Trent - Accompanist


Chaperones - 
 Gloria Reyes
 Helen Holland
 Beverly Priddy
 Chantal Carey

Assistant Chaperones - 

Tina Cortez
 Priscilla Fontenot

Security - 

Joe Klein 
 Curtis Priddy 
 Sam Gilley

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