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  A Brief History.


Join us in celebrating 40 years of excellence in music by The Texas Girls' Choir.  This web page is dedicated to the singers, staff and musicians who have made the choir what it is today. Below you will find a brief history of the choir from it's inception.


The Texas Girls' Choir was founded in 1962 by Shirley Thompson Carter with a belief that children's lives can be developed through the excellence of music.

The choir began with sixteen members who met at the Fort Worth YWCA where Ms. Carter worked as a YWCA Director in order that the choir might have a place to rehearse.

By 1973 there had been many advances. At that time the choir purchased their permanent home at 4449 Camp Bowie Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas. The choir had developed from 16 girls to 275 girls and 5 Choir levels! Other advances include an annual music clinic, an annual charm school, and leadership training. There is also an opportunity to be a part of one of 4 hand bell choirs and a solo class which prepares girls for solos at school or in a choir performance.

The choir has toured 50 countries, and has toured every year overseas, since 1962. It is the most traveled choir in the United States. The choir has also performed at the White House five times since 1989.

The Texas Girls' Choir has always accepted all girls with an adequate voice and an overall B average in school without regard to race, creed, or religious preference.


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