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Below you will find pictures of the construction of the dormitory and amphitheater.  We wish to thank not only those who donated money, but also those who donated their time.  There are weeks and months of dedicated work pictured below.  Thank you for your time, strength, and knowledge!


Building of the Amphitheater:

The new Amphitheater will be here.

The Amphitheater begins to go up!

Foundation pilings for the new Amphitheater with Eagle Mountain Lake in the background.  4-16-99


The steel is going up! 5-8-99


The Amphitheater begins to take shape The Amphitheater begins to take shape

The roof is on the amphitheater and the concrete stage is ready to be poured  5-22-99


ust in front and to the left of the amphitheater the pilings for the food pavilion have been poured  5-22-99


The forms for pouring the stage are in place  5-29-99  


Shirley Carter and board members cut the ribbon opening the amphitheater June 16, 1999!



The first performance in the new amphitheater, 6-16-99


Due to the extraordinary efforts of volunteers the first new dormitory
was constructed literally in one month.  The Texas Girls' Choir
had raised sufficient cash to pay for the materials which were not donated.

Construction of the first phase of the new dormitories has begun and this building will be ready for the girls during the summer session June 14-18, 1999. The dorms are going up thanks to some determined parents!
After trenching the plumbing and pouring the slab framing of the first dorm began on 5-22-99


The framing is complete and the plywood siding is being attached  5-29-99.  Our choir family of builders take a brief break.


The roof is on and the electrical wiring is being installed.  6-5-99



Sheet rock installed 6-13-99


Bathroom plumbing installed 6-13-99


Dormitory beds built 6-13-99


First rehearsal in the new dorm 6-14-99


130 girls love the new dorm!!! The new dormitory, first phase 6-14-99


The donated brick exterior has been put up
and more donated topsoil in front of the dormitory
is being prepared for landscaping  11-15-99


The Texas Girls' Choir is currently in level two of the Capital Fundraising Campaign.

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