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Capital Fundraising Campaign

Come and join our
Share the Pride Building Campaign

The Texas Girls' Choir is in a major building campaign to raise funds to improve our present headquarters and to add improvements to our camp.

1999-2000 Ampitheater  - funded and completed
Food Pavillion - funded and completed              Go to our CAMP page for pictures
Dormitory - funded and 100% complete                                   click here


Dormitory - finish out remaining 100% - completed
Rehearsal Hall - completed (cost $18,000 + donated electrical $1500) - need $18,000
New Dock - pilings, welding, struts donated - wood deck $1000
Paved roads at camp - completed at no cost to TGC worth $75,000
Restroom near food pavillion - complete  
Restore house next to Headquarters - underway


For every $100 donated the Choir receives at least $400 in donated materials and labor
so the value of the camp rebuilding increases $500
click above to see the magnitude of the generosity of these companies!

Let's Keep The Magic Alive!

Please send your donations to

Texas Girls' Choir
4449 Camp Bowie Boulevard
Fort Worth, Texas 76017-3834
 or call us at 817-732-8161 to learn more about our
Share the Pride Building Campaign
put "cfc" on your check

 E-mail us for more information


Ms. Elizabeth Barney
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Beck
Ms. Lillie Mae Biggins
Ms. Louise Britt Carvey
Ms. Sherry L. Dedeke
Miss Beatrice C. Dumas
Paul R. Farmer. DDS
Ms. Linda M. Fitzjarrell
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Frederick
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Garza, Jr.
Senator Chris Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Kent
Samantha Lau
Paige Matson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. McKenney
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Messengale
Antoinette M. Miland
Judy Moore - JM Productions, Inc.
John Palmero - American Postal Workers Union
Mary Pastusek - Sigma Alpha Iota
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Park
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pettit
Mr. and Mrs. Willard D. Pratt
Shari Pratt
Mrs. Michelle Rayburn
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ristow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Slaton
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith
Ms. Helen Spradling
Mr. and Mrs. C. Victor Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Trammell
Ms. Pat Thornton
Jeanne M. Uecker
Sharon J. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne F. Williams
Ms. Sue Sanford Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Wyatt



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