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Updated September 29, 1999
This page covers Day 1 - 5 in Arizona
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Rachel Cleveland, Stephanie Darbo, Jennifer Holland, Joleen Abarca, Ruth Bryant, and Meghan Sheridan

These 6 extremely talented and very hard working girls have been learning the difficult repertoire which the American Youth Choir will offer to compete in the competition in Hong Kong and Beijing, China

Day 1 - August 8, 1999

The girls began their journey tonight at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport accompanied by Shirley Carter, Founder and Director of the Texas Girls' Choir, and Wanda Rufner who is a member of the Executive Board of Directors of the Choir.

Checking in at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

Pictures taken during last Good-Byes!

Shirley Carter, Ruth Bryant, Stephanie Darbo, Meghan Sheridan, Jennifer Holland, Wanda Rufner Rachel Cleveland and Joleen Abarca

Singing for our Parents and those who sent us off

Shirley Carter boards the plane to take these girls on an incredible journey!

Day 2 - August 9, 1999

Today we are in Tucson, Arizona.  We had our first rehearsal with the American Youth Choir and made a lot of friends!

Front row:  Ruth Chang (Crystal Children's Choir) and Rachel Cleveland (Texas Girls' Choir)Second row:  Lauren Holmes (Phoenix Girls' Chorus), Sean Thrush and Bobby McManus (Tucson Airzona Boys Chorus) and Colin Brush (Cincinnati Boychoir)

Behind sofa:  Joleen ABarca and Jennifer Holland (Texas Girls' Choir) Seated: Emily Gu, Jayling Chou, Jessica Hu and Ruth Chang (Crystal Children's Choir)

Stephanie,  Dr. Julian Ackerley of the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus, Rachel

Tai Yin Yang of Bay Area Girls Chorus, Mary Wilkinson - accompanist and Shirley Carter

Rachel Cleveland (Texas Girls' Choir), Ralph Woods (Mississippi Boys' Choir) Josh Goodman and Bobby McManus  (Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus)

Ruth Bryant and Meghan Sheridan

Stephanie Darbo (Texas Girls' Choir), Tyler Evick (Cincinnati Boy Choir)  and Jennifer Holland (Texas Girls' Choir)

Meghan and Ruth with home host, Tom Cassidy

 First Rehearsal of the American Youth Choir in Tucson


Joleen Abarca (Texas Girls' Choir) trying out for solo in This Train Is Bound For Glory

Lunch at the University of Arizona From left: Nora and Jasmine (Festival Choirs), Jennifer Holland, Joleen Abarca, Ruth Bryant and Meghan Sheridan (Texas Girls' Choir)

Day 3 - August 10, 1999

Today we had our second rehearsal at the Tucson Arizona Boys' Chorus headquarters.  That evening the American Youth Choir presented a concert with the Tucson Arizona Boys' Chorus.

Campus of the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus

Rehearsal of the American Youth Choir

Rehearsal in Tucson, Arizona Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus, Schola Cantorum de Mexico, American Youth Choir

Tuscon Arizona Boys' Chorus performing at the first concert on August 11

American Youth Choir performs with Joleen singing the solo in This Train

American Youth Choir, Mexico Choir, and Tucson Arizona Boys' Chorus with Directors

After the concert, the Tucson Arizona Boys' Chorus and the Texas Girls' Choir get together

Meghan Sheridan meets her dad's uncle, The Rev. Patrick Cunningham, for the first time!

Day 4 - August 11, 1999

Today we traveled to Phoenix for another concert Thursday night at Creighton United Methodist Church.  We (the American Youth Choir) performed with the Phoenix Girls' Chorus and the Schola Cantorum de Mexico Chorus.

Mrs. Carter with her friend she met in Africa, Mrs. Mary Orr

Phoenix Girls' Chorus in concert at Creighton United Methodist Church, Phoenix

Schola Cantorum de Mexico Chorus at the concert

Dr. Kukuk and the American Youth Choir

Joleen Abarca singing the solo in This Train

Performance in Phoenix Schola Cantorum de Mexico, American Youth Choir, Phoenix Girls' Chorus

Mrs. Orr, our TGC girls, and Shirley Carter

John Darbo, Elaine Darbo, and Mrs. Ashford from the Mississippi Boys Choir

Day 5 - August 12, 1999

  Today we are leaving for Hong Kong.  First we had to fly to Los Angeles with our fellow friends in the American Youth Choir.

TGC girls waiting with Ralph Woods from the Mississippi Boys' Choir for departure from Phoenix to Los Angeles

At the Phoenix Airport Top -  Meghan Sheridan (Texas Girls' Choir), Ralph Woods (Mississippi Boys' Choir), Heather Bales (Roanoke College Children's Choir) Middle row - Ruth Bryant, Stephanie Darbo and Joleen Abarca (Texas Girls' Choir) and Shelley Phetteplace (Phoenix Girls Chorus) Front row - Lauren Fowler and Becky Lewis-Whitson (Roanoke College Children's Choir), Alyse Wilson and Jessia Fox ( Gila Valley Children's Choir)

At the Phoenix Airport - to go to Los Angeles and on to Hong Kong Back row - Meghan Sheridan, Ralph Woods, Ruth Bryant, friend, Stephanie Darbo, Jennifer Holland, Joleen Abarca, Shelley Phetteplace Front row - Rachel Cleveland, Lauren Fowler, Becky Lewis-Whitson, Alyse Wilson, and Jessica Fox

Taiyin Yang with the Crystal Childrens' Choir from the San Francisco Bay area with Mrs. Carter and Wanda Rufner


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