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2001 Orient Tour
Begin the tour!
The Tour is over!  Enjoy the tour!

Click here to order the 2000 European Long Tour

Tour of the Orient 2001
47 Members of the 2001 Orient Tour
Christa Bowie, Stephanie Snook, Amanda Gordon, Sarah Brown, Paige Ammons, Kristen Moresi, Naomi Turner Valerie Watts, Laura Coffey, Jillian Sheridan, Melissah Stansell, Caitlin Pavey, Alyssa Harrison, Dina McKenney, Jordan Jenkins, Holly Owen, Dorothy Ma, Alexandra Sheffield, Brooke Bormann, Brooke Robinson, Janna Shaw, Leah Doty, Jennifer Mitchell, Kathryn Kuczaj, Melissa Mota, Edie Middleton, Brett Bormann, Aimee' Al-Ameer, Laura Hagen, Amanda Fuentes, Valerie Burton, Stephanie Darbo, Jamie Shirley, Tera Ellis, Chantal Carey, Jeanna Dunlap, Sara Lee, Abby Satterfield, Lindsay Power, Mallory Fontenot, Sarah McJunkin, Caitlin Kramer, Alison Johnson, Jennifer Holland, Marissa Reyes, Lisa Rogers

We try very hard to make sure we identify all of the girls, and spell their names correctly, however we are not perfect.  If you find any errors please e-mail us and let us know. We appreciate your help!


Click on the Day you wish to view as the tour progresses
Day 1: Tuesday, July 10 Depart DFW for Tokyo, Japan
Day 2: Wednesday, July 11 Arrive in Tokyo
Stay in the Tokyo Hotel Urashima 
Day 3: Thursday, July 12 Tokyo Disneyland performance, train ride to Wani
concert with Coro Klare Junior Choir, homestays
Day 4: Friday, July 13 Leave Tokyo for Hong Kong
Stay in the Majestic Hotel, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Day 5: Saturday, July 14 Hong Kong - Victoria Peak, Aberdeen Fishing Village
performance at Shatin New Town Shopping Plaza
dinner at Nanchu Chinese Restaurant
Day 6: Sunday, July 15  Hong Kong - Shatin Anglican Church service
Day 7: Monday, July 16 Leave Hong Kong for Guangzhou, China
meet Little Shylark Choir
Day 8: Tuesday, July 17 Leave Guangzhou for Bangkok, Thailand
Day 9: Wednesday,July 18 Bangkok
Day 10: Thursday, July 19 Leave Bangkok for Hanoi, Vietnam
Day 11: Friday, July 20 Hanoi
Day 12: Saturday, July 21 Leave Hanoi for Singapore
Day 13: Sunday, July 22 Singapore
Day 14: Monday, July 23 Depart Singapore for DFW, arrive July 24th

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The CD-ROM contains the web pages, pictures, songs,
live audio clips, and a special screen saver from the 2000 European Tour.
You can also print the pictures of your choice from your computer.
The CD-ROM took many hours to create and there have only been 6 orders.
The 2000 European Tour will be taken off of the website at the end of Summer.
If there is not more interest in having a CD-ROM of Long Tours there will be no more.
Put "2000 Long Tour CD-ROM" in subject box and your name in message box.

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