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Greece & Italy



  Christina Ashmore, Brooke Austin, Skye Black, Leila Bonakdar, Lindsey Borland, Brett Bormann, Brooke Bormann, Ashley Briggs, Tara Brynell, Christina Capili, Ahvay Carlton,

Cheyenne Carruthers, Kayla Collier, Priscilla Contreras, Stephanie Elko, Maddison Evans, Guinevere Everidge, Leah Garza,  Ilse Gonzalez, Heather Hague, Holly Hague, Lahmia Hegwood,  Tatiana Hollingshead, Caroline Jerome, Camisha Johnson, Katherine Kowalski, Christian Kramer, Chelsea Lee, Courtney McMillian, Raquel Munoz,  Kayla Noriega, Holly Owen, Zoe Peck,

Deanna Pierce, Dani Price, Karla Pulido, Leah Reeves,  Ashlynn Rodriguez, Allyson Sekerke, Elizabeth Seyer, Shelby Thomas, Kathleen Thornton, Betty Tong, Carrissa Tyson,

Lauren Urso, Hannah Villarreal,  Roxanne Walters, Stephanie Williams



Director:  Debi Weir

Assistant Director:  Layne Trent


Chaperones: Helen Holland, Janet Owen, Gloria Reyes

Assistant Chaperones: Jennifer Holland, Joy Lee,

Jennifer McMillian,  Marybeth Noriega & Cathy Williams

Security:  Joe Klein & Mike Hollingshead

Hospitality & Assistant Security: Eileen Hollingshead

Escort: Nena– Ambassador Tours


July 1 - July 14


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