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Capital Fundraising Campaign

This page will show you how a relatively small
amount of cash can serve as a catalyst
for major things to happen at the Camp!

Level One - 1999 - 2000

Objective - to build the amphitheater, the food pavilion, and the first dormitory

Cash raised from donations during that period - $ 25,785
Cash donation from an anonymous foundation for the amphitheater - mid 5 digits

We are not permitted to tell you the foundation or the exact amount of their gift
to build the Amphitheater, which started this campaign off

During that period the Zachary Corporation brought 6000 cubic yards of dirt to the camp
to raise the new buildings above the 100 year flood plain
The Zachary Corporation was at the time rebuilding route 199 in Azle, Texas
but the earth there was too full of rocks
So Zachary agreed to dig a local farmer a "tank" and bring the earth to the camp
200 loads on trucks brought the dirt to the camp and graded
Donated Cost - $90,000

During the construction of the dormitory RRR Construction along with a dozen
choir parents or more donated their time to build the dormitory.
The owner of RRR Construction donated $22,500 in labor to  build the dormitory.
It is difficult to estimate the value of the labor donated by the choir parents.
The dormitory value is $200,000 and the cost was less than $70,000!

Thompson Excavating donated $1400 as a discount of their services.

Acme Brick donated $3861 of brick to brick the dormitory.

Jerry Scarborough donated 50 loads of clay valued at $25,000

Lone Star Electric donated and installed lighting fixtures and ceiling fans
valued at $4500 in the dormitory


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